The Parivrtta Trikonasana and its Benefits

This asana is essentially a counter posture to the Utthita Trikonasana and is certainly progressively unpredictable. This asana is a mix of a forward twist and a profound wind. It needs a decent feeling of parity and a feeling of transparency so as to accomplish stability in the posture. This is one of the principal standing stances that you will practice when you enroll in a yoga course. It shows you how to function all aspects of your body as one with each other.

Step by step instructions to do the Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle Pose) 

  • Stand erect on your tangle, ideally in Tadasana. 
  • At that point, make a three feet stride in reverse with your right foot, and turn it out at around 25-degrees to the side. Your left toes must point forward. At this stage, your hip point must face the side of the tangle. Likewise, rapidly check the arrangement of your feet. They should be hip-width separated, with both the heels lined up with one another. The heel and curve should likewise be adjusted. 
  • Spot your left hand on the abdomen, and breathe in and raise your right-hand overhead as you extend your spine. 
  • Solidly root the outside of the back foot, and draw in the lower portion of your stomach so your lower back is upheld. Breathe out and pivot forward at the midsection. Ensure your spine is extended as you connect with the correct arm. 

  • Contingent upon your adaptability and scope of movement, enable your right hand to go after your shin or on the floor outside of your foot. Breathe in and keep reaching out through the crown of the head, ensuring your spine is long. 
  • Rapidly check if the outside of the right foot is solidly established in the ground. At that point, breathe out and turn to one side. Extend the left arm towards the sky as you look at it. 
  • Inhale gradually and profoundly as you hold the posture for a couple of moments. 
  • To leave the posture, take a look at your left foot, and force your midsection in. At that point, breathe in and delicately rise. Spot your hands on your midriff and unite your feet. Repeat the asana on the other side. 

These are some astonishing advantages of Parivrtta Trikonasana. 

  • It gives the legs a decent stretch and makes them solid. 
  • The hips and the spine get a decent stretch. 
  • Practicing this asana opens up the chest, and hence, breathing is improved. 
  • Back torment is calmed. 
  • The stomach organs are animated and accordingly, absorption is improved. 

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